Oriol wanted to cook even as a child. And that's where it all began. After school, he trained at the Girona School of Hospitality where he studied the fundamentals of cooking and the restaurant trade in depth. After this period of theoretical and practical training, he joined the family business as a chef and started to expand his knowledge and to make some changes in the kitchens.
One of those changes, and a very important one, was to make high quality home-made croquettes - specifically with Iberic ham. Following his initial success, he started to introduce new varieties: from the classics to the most unusual, until they became the signature dish of La Cafeteria, the family bar-restaurant. And that's why at the end of 2012 we decided to set up a business devoted solely to the making of high quality home-made croquettes, to recipes from named chefs.
Chef’s croquettes are more elaborate and stand apart from all other croquettes because each contains two or more ingredients combined to produce a consistent taste. These croquettes are ideal for the bravest looking to taste a different type of croquette.
We work with, and offer our products to, businesses and establishments in the restaurant trade, delis and to distributors who want to stock our products.

And we want our croquettes to reach everyone. For that reason, anyone can put in an order either by calling 972 96 90 02 or through our on-line shop.



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